• Corporate Recovery

    Do you feel the need to give a new impulse to the course of your company? Is dealing with competition intensification a challenge?
    Corporate Recovery arises as a solution to assimilate technological progress and market transformations, reinforcing or recovering a company’s competitiveness.

  • Performance Improvement

    What is the level of performance in your company? Is it in its full potential or is there room for improvement? In the challenging business context we are living in, it is fundamental to optimise processes, reduce costs and improve the corporate image of products to promote companies’ competitiveness.
    The Performance Improvement services focus on the best practices for achieving this goal.

  • Strategic Services

    Are the decisions made in your company supporting the global vision of the business or are they mainly aiming to overcome short term challenges?
    Strategic planning based on a well-defined vision is the only way to align decisions with objectives in the medium and long term, allowing for a balanced and sustainable growth.

  • Mergers Acquisitions

    Almost two-thirds of all mergers and acquisitions (M&A) have not been successful in value creation.
    One key ingredient to the success of M&A operations is partners with crucial knowledge and experience.
    With a great experience in this area, Acumen assists its clients to ensure the success of the operation.

  • Competitive Intelligence

    Are you aware of what your clients think about your products?
    What about the products of your competitors? Are there opportunities for improving your partnerships? What is the level of commitment of your employees? In a corporate environment characterised by constant evolution and where knowledge is shaped into decision power, Competitive Intelligence gives you the answers.

  • Green IT

    With a growing awareness of the corporate world regarding its environmental impact, there is a rising need to align cost reduction with business sustainability.
    Therefore, leading companies are actively reducing their ecological footprint trough Green IT measures and certifications.
    The Green IT paradigm creates benefits regarding cost, environment and, consequently, reputation levels, through a more efficient management of IT.

  • Interim Management

    Against a backdrop of changing management paradigms, business development based on Interim Management arises in Portugal as an innovative solution.
    Interim Management consists of providing business solutions by an independent, highly qualified and experienced manager, for a limited period of time.
    Once the goals of the project are fulfilled and the stability of the operations is assured, the Interim Manager leaves the company.

  • Talent Management

    In a corporate environment where human capital is growingly reinforcing itself as main source of business value, Talent Management emerges to endow companies with the necessary skills and the correct practices for managing, developing and rewarding them, improving the results of your company.

  • Innovation Management

    Too many challenges and few ideas to overcome them? Difficulties in defining new strategies or new products?
    In a business environment with increasing pressures for evolution, it is imperative to develop a flexible business model and a strong culture of innovation, where knowledge sharing and collaboration lead companies to success.